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The Chemnitz Cricket Club was officially founded as a division of the Universitätssportgemeinschaft Chemnitz (USG Chemnitz) e. V. on  August 2014thus marking the beginning of Chemnitz’s official cricket chapter. The foundation of the club is the culmination of sincere efforts from several students and employees in the University who are passionate about the ‘Gentleman’s game’. Together they aspire to establish a strong foothold for the game in the city and bring laurels to its name through active participation in professional circuits such as the Regional Ost League & Prague T20 League.

Since October 2014, the USG Chemnitz e.V. abt.  Cricket Club is a member of the Deutscher Cricket Bund, the official governing body for Cricket in Germany. This has enabled the club to participate in the professional Regional League in the forthcoming year.

Regular training sessions in the week will be held at our training ground (Indoor and outdoor).

INDOOR– 8 pm to 10 pm Every Wednesday (September to March) at Augsburger Straße 32, 09126 Chemnitz, Germany

8 pm to 9 pm dedicated for Youth training and practice

9 pm to 10 pm Regular training and practice

OUTDOOR– 4 pm to 8 pm Every Monday and Friday (April to September) at Markersdorfer Straße 141, 09126 Chemnitz, Germany

4 pm to 5 pm dedicated for Youth training and practice

5 pm to 8 pm Regular training and practice


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